Social media!? So what’s all the fuss about?

I’ve been working in professional services marketing for about 3 years now and in that time I’ve come across firms that have different attitudes towards social media.

Some firms see it as the holy grail of online communications, some see it as something to get involved with because everyone else is, and some firms are pretty much holding a crucifix and garlic right in the face of social media.

It’s all understandable though. It might be old news to those of you reading this blog; but social media is a whole new kettle of fish to quite a few professional services firms. A lot of firms still seem to think that social media is JUST about Facebook and something to keep the kids amused.

Since joining my current firm, I’ve found that professional services firms are starting to warm to the fact that behind all hype and hysteria there might just be something to gain from social media.

The way companies market their products has incredibly changed over the past decade. Consumers are not stupid these days (not that they were before mind), and are not fooled by ‘air fairy’ marketing messages. People’s attention to advertising has decreased, more and more people are going on the opinions of others when making purchase decisions. Thanks to the internet, we now have an access all areas pass to the opinions of others, whether it’s the opinions of industry experts, independent reviews, company employees, friends, employees, even Piers Morgan. These are people we believe and trust (maybe not Piers Morgan) and the online explosion of websites that allow us communicate in this very ‘social’ way is how we get the beautiful term ‘Social Media’.

If you still want to know what all the fuss is about, check out this video. It should make things a bit clearer.

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