R.I.P Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Adam always new he'd sell more apples dressed in a suit.

Today was a sad day for innovation and entrepreneurship as it was announced that the founder off Apple, Steve Jobs, passed away today.

There’s been a lot of said about the passing of Mr Jobs in the press, TV, Online and rightly so! The guy was a genius! I have to say, I was pretty anti-apple due to the fact that everyone had an iPhone, Mac etc… But you can’t deny his company for being pioneers in technology, design, and simply changing the way we listen to music, buy music and buy any other online product for that matter.

Instead of mourning his death I think that it’s only right to celebrate the innovation and creativity he brought to the world in such a small space of time. After all if it wasn’t for Steve, journeys to work would be worse than they are at the moment, I’d have CD’s scattered all over my flat, I’d probably have a bit more cash in my pocket, I’ll let you off for that one Steve.

I’m not the greatest Apple fan but I can definitely appreciate and respect what this company and Steve Jobs have brought to the market. Apple creates and everyone follows, or tries to at least.

As well as being an innovator Steve Jobs was a great example of an entrepreneur that believed anything a possible, a great inspiration for people like me that want to one day run a business that could change the world (or at least change the amount of money in my bank balance at the end of the month). Steve’s speech at Stanford pretty much sums this up (I can’t be held responsible for any goosebumps felt from watching this video).

So to finish of I’d like to thank you Mr Jobs for leaving your mark on our desks, on our ears and in our hands. Your legacy will be around for many years to come.

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