Pimping Pinterest – Uniqlo

Some of you following my tweets will know that I’m a big fan of Pinterest. I don’t think I’ve seen a brand use Pinterest in a way that really gets people talking, that is until I saw this Pinterest campaign for Uniqlo.

If you’ve used Pinterest before you’ll k now that it can be  pretty tedious scrolling down all the content, this campaign for Uniqlo, put together by Firstborn New York, shows off the new Uniqlo dry mesh range in a very cool way. As users scrolled down they were treated to some vertical goodness creating a mosiac like, uniqlo branded, animation effect that was pretty hard to ignore.  I can only imagine how much work must have gone into putting this together. Aparently 100 shell Pinterest accounts had to be set up to make this happen.

Let me know if you’ve seen any other brands use Pinterest in a crazy cool way.

P.S. I’m on Pinterest too.

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