Don’t mess with @tescomobile customer service

I always think it’s great to see companies using Twitter proactively to help their customers when they’ve got problems. Even when things don’t go right you can get in touch with someone via Twitter for assistance.

More often than not customers only really complain about a service on Twitter, leaving the company at the mercy of the consumer to put it right and apologise in front of everyone. Well there comes a point when a company has had enough of apologising, as any human being would, and @tescomobile has had enough.

No longer is @tescomobile putting up with the abuse it gets online, it’s tweeting back with a punch.

Have a look at some of these genius tweets they’ve replied back with  to moaning customers:

There’s plenty more on the @tescomobile twitter feed, go and have a look if you fancy a laugh.

As much as I was shocked when I first saw the responses, I though it was pretty refreshing to see a brand as big as Tesco take this sort of approach responding to criticism on Twitter.

So what do you think about replying back to your customers on Twitter in this way? Should brands take a stand and hit back with some humor? I’d love to hear what you think.

One response to “Don’t mess with @tescomobile customer service

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