Adidas bring back the classic Predator 94’s

Over the past few years Adidas have gone a bit crazy with the colour-ways of its latest boots.

I used to be a massive fan of the predator series until they went a bit mental with the new  designs, particularly the designs that were released just before the World Cup.

I thought my love affair with the Predator boots was over, then I saw this tweet.

Adidas, all is now forgiven!

Personally, I think it’s a stroke of genius to bring back these classics. Even though they’re a more updated version they still hold the essence of pushing the limits of the football boot, definitely something the Predator boot did back in 94′.

Even better news for Adidas Predator fans.  Adidas will unveil the other two boots in the series, the Predator Accelerator and Predator Mania, over the next two weeks.

Have you still got a pair of old school preds in your bootbag? What other classic boots do you think brands should be brought back from the dead?

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